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(Trade Finance, Vol. 20 (2).
and provides more than 70% of jobs.
$313 billion
agribusiness is worth approximately
According to the World Bank,
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has financing.
investment in Africa currently
yearly for infrastructure
half of the US$100bn needed
KPMG report states that only
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(Neil Martin, Manager at Timetric CIC.)
in many African countries’ power generation strategies
Solar, hydroelectric and wind schemes figure largely
generation project developments in the Middle East and Africa.
Africa is at the leading edge of renewable power
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(Source: allafrica.com)
$3.4 trillion
a spending capacity of an estimated
billion people across the continent with
Africa’s Continental Free Trade Area will unite a




“Resourceful, Reliable & Effective”

Specialist company with substantial internalized long-term experience in infrastructure development in Africa. We offer project development and strategic consulting services on a contract or fee basis to private and public sector developers and investors seeking opportunities on the continent.

With over two decades of experience working in Africa, the team at ZDK Solutions is able to provide clients with specific insights into local business culture, can assist in authenticating portfolios, negotiating local and national bureaucracies, as well as provide guidance on the recruitment of local staff.

Our work is supported locally by a core of skilled professionals who share our vision.

“Illuminating the culture of business in Africa”

ZDK Solutions provides strategic and expert project development and consulting services to investors and developers seeking solicited and unsolicited infrastructure projects in Africa. Be it renewable energy, health, communications and logistics infrastructure, mining or agriculture, we have the expertise to get you the projects that you want.

As any company that has tried to develop capital projects in Africa knows, a one-size-fits-all business model does not work.
ZDK Solutions provides cost-efficient and value-added advisory services tailored to the needs of the client and to the specific conditions of each project. Our highly-skilled, multi-lingual team of professionals works to assure a smooth, transparent and expedited journey from project negotiation to financial close.

"The Bridge to Africa"

To be the “go-to” project development and consulting firm specializing in infrastructure projects in Africa.

What this translates to is:

⦁ The best and most reliable local affiliates
⦁ Strong client support structures
⦁ Quality service