“Driven to improve the conditions of life for Africans of all socio-economic strata.”

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ZDK-Solutions was formed in 2013 by Benjamin Charles Zinsou-Bodé and Dr. Joyce Kannan-Dunbar to deliver solutions to Africa’s infrastructure needs. Although the projects were there, often developers didn’t know about them or they were put off by the petty frustrations of doing business in Africa – perceived and real. Benjamin and Joyce set out to build a company that could bridge the gap between corporate needs and bureaucratic expectations.

Driven to improve the conditions of life for Africans of all socio-economic strata. ZDK-Solutions focuses on projects that promote better and more accessible schools, healthcare, housing and communications infrastructure; adequate sanitation and clean water; reliable power supply; food security and employment as critical to economic growth and political stability on the continent.

We model corporate responsibility by ensuring that every project we work on is sustainable, environmentally sound and provides added value in the form of jobs to the local population. At the same time ZDK-Solutions supports Africa-based businesses to extend their global reach. To this end we provide project owners with focused development of detailed and effective portfolios, and project marketing and promotion.

The company’s geographic reach currently includes: Benin, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Niger, Republic of Congo and Rwanda.