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Africa’s climate varies widely, from tropical near the Equator to more temperate in the north and south. Of the continent’s total land area of 11,7 millions square miles, more than half lies in the tropics (1/3 in savannah and 2/5 is desert or steppe).

However, despite the existence of climatic conditions favorable to large-scale production of food and export crops, Africa continues to be a net importer of food and agricultural products.

Our staff at ZDK Solutions see a close inter-relationship between agriculture and industrial development and prioritize projects that are sustainable, which build productivity and assets. We work within the broad categories of water and irrigation,production and marketing, and regional trade. With experience working within funding and operating parameters set by international organization’s like The World Bank, we can assist clients develop proposals that meet with their specific requirements for foreign investors in the specific country.

Current Opportunities:

  • Proposals for being received – Central African Republic
  • Agri-business (Market Vegetables) – Kenya
  • Food Processing – Kenya