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In recent years government’s in Africa have been focusing attention on developing the physical components of interrelated systems that provide the commodities and services essential to enhancing social conditions and which are essential to economic growth and productivity. Meanwhile, research has shown that well-designed infrastructure investments provide positive spillovers to public health and manufacturing, among others, and can also increase connectivity and help regional integration through a network of transport, power, and telecommunications facilities.

At ZDK Solutions we provide access to ‘hard’ as well as ‘soft’ infrastructure projects, and are available to companies interested in developing technical structures including roads, ports, and telecommunications, as well as those skilled in constructing physical ones: hospitals, schools, and hotels. We are able to deliver within various private infrastructure options: BOT, BOO and BOOT, negotiated according to specific government guidelines. 

Current Opportunities:

  • Road construction (toll) Benin – (Build Own Operate. Term to be negotiated)
  • Airport Redevelopment – Benin (Build Own Operate. Term to be negotiated)
  • Office Complex, Mall and Housing (Development Authority will participate at a significant level) – Kenya